Pramerica SGR is a major asset management company operating on the Italian market. It offers a broad and diverse range of investment products for retail and institutional clients, which include mutual funds, Sicav sub-funds, alternative funds and portfolio management in securities and funds.
We give increasing space, in our product range, to formulas that are characterized by investment decisions which consider environmental, social and governance factors (ESG criteria - Environmental, Social, Governance) and sustainable and responsible investment principles (SRI), which for many products are accompanied by donations to support high social impact projects.

With assets under management of over €68 billion(1), Pramerica SGR is a company which forms part of the Asset Management Division of Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., which holds 100% of the share capital.

The Asset Management Division is headed by Eurizon Capital SGR, which, together with its subsidiaries, operates in 24 countries and is backed by solid investment management experience and expertise. It has total assets under management of €417 billion, which reaches €520 billion when added to the €102.7 billion assets managed by its Chinese associate company Penghua Fund Management.(2)

Pramerica declares its compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS ®).(3)


Pramerica SGR employees a rigorous and disciplined investment process focused on investment performance. We adopt an active management style with careful risk management, which forms an integral part of our corporate culture. A structured approach to risk management and monitoring is fundamental to proper management of investment mandates and investor expectations.

Pramerica SGR seeks to generate overperformance by:

  • employing asset allocation tactics and strategy that are rigorously based on economic fundamentals and the direction of fiscal and monetary policies;
  • using stock picking methods dictated by the potential of the relative sectors, implicit undervaluations of asset prices and defining the risk factors of the investments;
  • constant monitoring of possible divergences of management performance from benchmark returns (products with relative performance) or from a return objective (products with an absolute return).

We adopt a fundamental investment approach to the management of conventional investments incorporating “top-down”, “bottom-up” and, for some strategies, quantitative technical methods. Also environmental, social and governance considerations play an increasingly greater role in our choices of investment as part of the Sustainability policy which we pursue.

Pramerica SGR’s investment management capabilities are based on the expertise of its managers and the many years of experience acquired by its specialist teams focused on the euro area. The management team, focused on the euro area, consists of over 50 experts and senior managers with an average of 16 years experience in investment.

In addition to this, for investment strategies outside the euro area, Pramerica SGR can count on the experience and expertise of delegated managers in three specialist units headed by Pramerica Financial(4): PGIM Fixed Income, QMA and Jennison Associates. 


(1) Source Pramerica SGR, data as at 31/12/2020.

(2) Source Pramerica SGR and Eurizon Capital SGR, data as at 31/12/2020.

(3) The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS ®) published by the CFA Institute consists of a set of ethical standards adopted voluntarily by investment management companies to ensure the uniform application of specific criteria for the presentation of the performance of investments and full transparency towards clients and the market. It follows an industry-wide standardised approach. The investment management company is Pramerica SGR S.p.A., with regard to its investment portfolio management, inclusive of third-party portfolios managed under mandate and portfolios for which management is delegated to third parties, carried out in pursuit of its company objects. Performance presentations and/or lists describing the composites are available on request (Contact us). Pramerica was audited by an independent auditor for the period 31/12/2011 - 31/12/2016. Compliance report available on request (Contact us). The audits assess compliance of requirements for the construction of composites and the relative policies and procedures for the calculation and presentation of performances with GIPS ® standards. The audits do not guarantee the accuracy of each individual composite.

(4)Pramerica Financial is the brand name used by PGIM and its subsidiaries and by its licensees in certain countries outside the United States.

An advertising message used for publicity purposes. Caution: before subscribing please read the information prospectus and the KIID which also give details of risks associated with the investment. Prospectuses and KIIDs for Pramerica funds are available free of charge at the Pramerica SGR headquarters and at the offices of the distribution agents and they may also be viewed on the website www.pramericasgr.it (here). Prospectuses and KIIDs for the Pramerica Sicav are available free of charge on the website www.pramericasgr.it (here) and from the distribution agents for the Sicav in Italy. Pramerica SGR is the main distributor of Pramerica Sicav in Italy.